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Introducing a new take on Influencer Marketing

411Gen gives retailers the ability to sell directly to users through the influencer's social media platforms, using a check-out feature that looks like a brand's store-front, which allows influencers to directly process product sales via their platform. Users can then buy products directly from the influencers on their favourite platforms, from their favourite people, whenever they want. Making the influencer's content twice as powerful.


More sales using influencer commerce!

Influencers boost sales and Influencer commerce offers a lot more to brands and influencers than traditional methods of influencer marketing does or ever will. Whenever an influencer sells branded products on their own channel, instead of their community being directed to an external offer, web page or any other place, the community stays in its sphere of trust.


This saves one big step of the sales funnel which changes a lot. The click onto external links or closed landing pages or multiple pages is eliminated, which reduces the complexity of the sales funnel, something we called the endless product hunt.

Our Roadmap

MAY 2022


JUN' 22




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